AUGUST 19, 2018

“OH we would absolutely renovate this kitchen.”


I think those were the first words out of our mouth when we bought our home. You know how you have crazy big dreams when you look at a place to rent or a home to buy? And then somehow time slips away and you just continue living life in the room you once swore you’d redo? Yeah that’s us. So, here we are almost 3 years later and just now getting around to it. Better late than never?


To be honest, our kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in our house. Not for cooking, obviously. But, I love how it’s got an open concept and connects right to our living room. It never fails when we have friends or family over we somehow always end up gathered in there, and we all fit! But it was time to ditch the laminate countertops, flip the island, lose the dirty looking tile… okay let’s make this easier. We’re keeping the cabinets. That’s it. Sink – changing. Sink fixtures – changing. Lighting – changing. The list goes on and on (and on and on and on.)


Big thank you to our reno frands over at Solid State Tile. They’ve been nothing short of amazing thus far! Stay tuned for part two!

Tile Floor + Island

Gosh I love a good tile floor that looks dingy year-round  ..not! Okay, to the honest., the floor wasn’t #1 on my list of things that had to change (see lighting below GAG) but when we decided to flip the island, it meant the floor had to go.


Because our backsplash is going to be patterned (stay tuned!) we wanted to keep everything else fairly calm. I love, love, love this porcelain tile we picked out. It’s light with a subtle hint of grey and warm tones. They grey helps hide the magic fibers our black lab emits every minute on the minute, and the warm tones help tie in the white our future butcher block island.


Light Fixtures

Believe it or not, out of the 2+ years we’ve lived here, I’ve turned on this overhead light maaaybe 5 times? It’s SO incredibly bright – literally blinding, and I hated it. I’ve often referred to it as the sunbeam, and encouraged others to not look at it (even when it’s off) because it’s just that terrible!


I knew I wanted pendant lights, but nothing too fancy. We decided on these lanterns and I am loving the way they look over our island. They are large and give off the perfect amount of light. They’ve been up for approximately 4 days and I turn them on every chance I get!


Cabinet Hardware

Our giant kitchen is one thing about our home I never knew I even wanted. I never knew how much I would absolutely having a large kitchen and cabinets galore. BUT, with a whole lotta cabinets comes a whole lotta money when it comes time to update the hardware. Or does it?


Our current hardware was great as far as quality. They are heavy and durable, we just hated the silver. We purchased this spray paint at Lowes for $7 bucks and it is AMAZING. We got a matte / flat finish which looks gorgeous against the plain white cabinets.


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