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Inspired by authentic passion, we live for creating beautiful moments you won’t forget.
Courtney Grant Photography not only specializes in wedding photography, but intentional relationships. Working with couples throughout their engagement season and their wedding day is only half of what sets my hearts on fire. Being able to reconnect with my past brides and grooms as they grow their families is something I absolutely love and cherish.

Authentic & Timeless

You’ve heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, but here’s the thing: good pictures are priceless. Our photos are our memories.

They’re our favorite moments in time authentically captured and preserved for a lifetime. As you grow your family and build a life, it’s natural for even your most precious memories to fade. After all, how are you supposed to keep so many beautiful moments in your heart and mind while you’re busy creating more memories with your loved ones?

Remember every aspect of your wedding day with an experienced wedding photographer. Courtney Grant Photography is dedicated to preserving the most timeless memories in beautiful, tangible photographs you can admire for years to come. Photos that will bring back those same excited, joyful feelings of your special wedding day every time you see them.


Tell Your Story

Storytelling is a beautiful tradition, but life moves so quickly that sometimes our words alone simply can’t capture the richness and depth of our experiences.

Rather than describing your wedding day to your grandchildren, show them every gorgeous detail of the bridesmaids’ gowns, the way the light caught the glassware on the guests’ tables, and the way you danced with reckless abandon with your new spouse.

Relive your favorite moments long after you’ve said your vows and the grand exit sparklers burn out, long after you’ve grown, labored and welcomed your first child into the world, and long after you’ve watched your own child get married by sharing your life’s greatest moments through photos.

“Courtney far exceeded my expectations! We love every single one of our pictures. Courtney made our photos look so genuine. I know I made the best choice selecting her as our wedding photographer! She traveled all across NC for me, from Blowing Rock, to Durham, to Wilmington! Thanks so much for your amazing work Courtney!”
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