FEBRUARY 6, 2018

It wasn’t too long after we bought our house that we thought about selling it and moving into an RV and traveling out West. We had just returned from our first trip out to Park City, Utah where my best friend had moved to. We completely fell in love with everything about Park City – From the cutest downtown to the abundance of fun things to do within walking distance, and not to mention, it’s just absolutely gorgeous!


On our first trip out we got in around 10pm and headed straight to a campground to spend a couple days camping. It was pitch black, but you could see the outline of the giant mountains and even in the dark it was breathtaking. The next day we saw our first moose and baby, something we had only hoped to see! That first trip just completely took us by surprise at just how much we would fall in love with Utah.


This January I took my first solo trip to visit, making it my FOURTH trip out West! We’ve gone the past two July’s to celebrate July 4th, and Kyle and I both went last January to experience a Utah winter! This trip was even sweeter, because this little potato, Spud, was there with a wagging tail to greet me when I arrived. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do a quick mini session with Myranda and Spud before heading home. Love these two and their sweet bond!


If you’re looking to make a trip out West, I highly recommend Utah – specifically Park City and Salt Lake City.

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