November 23, 2016 CG Photography

You guys! My little heart just may burst. We’re home owners!

Kyle and I just completed the final walk through of our first home and we will close Friday morning! I know I don’t plan to post this for a few more days but my little heart just could’t wait to spill some happy surprises!

We’ve been local to Winston salem for a few years now and I can’t imagine putting our roots down anywhere else.. even though we are technically in beautiful Clemmons, just a hop, and skip next to Winston. We started in a tiny one bedroom, one bathroom apartment. I knew if we could survive that, we could survive marriage. After getting married we knew our family wouldn’t be complete without a sweet puppy (my obsession is so real.) So we found a townhouse with more space and a backyard. We’ve had such great experience being renters it took a lot of guts to pull the trigger and take these next steps to becoming homeowners.

I have to admit, I asked, and asked, and asked SO many people how their experience was buying a home. All their responses were the same.. An eye roll with a HUGE sign and throwing their hands everywhere, followed by an “Oh lord!” I thought they were dramatic. I was wrong.

This process is complete insanity – or, for us it was anyways.

It all started when we began looking online at homes for fun (#dangerzone) Of course we had done this off and on for a while, never seriously. Until I saw it, that house with the big porch you dream of rocking you sweet babies to sleep in. It had everything we wanted, and magically, was a mile away from us. We jumped in the car and drove by. It was perfect. We decided to get serious and get a realtor only to realize the home had already accepted an offer. I was crushed.

About a week went by and we continued to look for homes, but my heart was still stuck on house one. Wouldn’t you know, a couple days went by and the house went back on the market. We immediately scheduled a tour, made an offer, and had our offer accepted within 48 hours. I was sold. You could have told me the house was going to blow up and I wouldn’t have believed you. I let my heart get too invested, and then found out after our inspection the home needed MAJOR work. After going back and fourth with the sellers we eventually decided we just didn’t feel comfortable enough to move forward. Again, I was crushed.

We shared our frustrations with those close to us, who only encouraged us that something much better was out there. With hopeful hearts, we jumped back out onto the playing field a few days later, and there it was, just waiting.

Sometimes I believe God works in the weirdest ways. The home had been on the market for a while but the right people just hadn’t come along. Upon putting in an offer, we learned why the home was on the market. The seller was the original owner of the home. She raised her family there with her husband, who had recently passed away. He cared for the home and was a true handy man. I can’t help but walk through the home and see the beauty his hard work has created. This home needed another couple that was ready to put their roots down and grow – and that’s exactly what we plan to do.

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