Meet Courtney

Meet Courtney

lover of puppies (of all ages,) white lilies, traveling + oreos

I’m married to my high school sweetheart and best friend, Kyle, and absolutely adore my two fur-babies, Nora and Winston. I always pride myself on starting out as your photographer, but leaving your reception or session as a friend. I love connecting with madly in love brides and grooms, sweet families, and anyone that adores photography just as much as I do.

Fast-pace chaos has always been a passion of mine, and I love the creativity that goes into making photos unique. Photography became an important aspect of my life when I was old enough to look at photos of my grandparents that I had not, nor would not, get to meet. Leaving behind photographs and memories you can pass down through family is a legacy I believe should be cherished. I love all the small, yet beautiful and meaningful, details that go into making each and every session special.

Although I love photographing weddings on the weekends, I also soak up every moment I can doing all of the other things I love when I can squeeze them into my schedule. If I’m being totally honest, it’s rare you’ll catch me watching tv or relaxing by sitting down – I relax by experiencing. From coffee dates downtown with my main squeeze, to taking a short drive up to the mountains for a tough hike and a cold beer, to standing in the clearance aisle at Homegoods for a minimum of an hour (who’s with me?!) I’m always up for an adventure.


If I could only do one thing for the rest of my life – it’d be traveling. I never hopped on a plane until I was 20 years old, but I’ve been hooked since then.

My love of dogs comes from being an only child with fur-siblings. We always had at least one dog when I lived at home with my parents, at one point we had three!

I’d pick the mountains over the beach any day – I’m a neat freak so sand and I don’t mix well. Unless, it’s somewhere tropical and the drinks are free. Count me in.

I’m really terrible at writing and I am immediately regretting adding fun facts to this page, but it’s helping me procrastinate blogging (because, that too, involves writing.)

Don’t ask me to bake anything from scratch. I’m a boxed brownies, boxed cake, and canned icing kinda girl. There’s still a 70% chance I’m going to burn it because I never set a timer.

I’m not sure how anyone has a favorite song, I don’t even have a favorite genre! A single car ride with me will consist of 90’s, rap and country – Maybe within a 5 minute span.