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NOVEMBER 20, 2018

Meet the newest addition to our family!


If you’re anything like me, you’re sending your significant other a picture of a cute dog every time you see one. We’re talking online, in-person, everywhere – all the doggie pics. Usually there’s a long pause followed by a “haha” and the conversation moves to “what’s for dinner?” or “how’s your day?”


SO, you can only imagine the size of my eyeballs when, while scrolling Facebook, I see this chubby, fluffy baby bear. I immediate screenshot and send to Kyle with a quick, very important note stating “I need him.” Now – imagine my eyeballs when he responds “let’s go meet him!”



Yep, it was real life.


We rescued Boone, previously Mack from AARF in Winston Salem on Nation Puppy Day, which was just way too fitting! He’s a Lab/Mastiff mix – also known as a Mastador! I know what you’re thinking, because we thought it too.. “Mastiff? WOW he will be huge!” UH YEAH. Boone is estimated to be a whopping 120lbs. We’re letting Winston enjoy being the bigger pup for now and trying to prepare him what he’s in for in just a few months.

At 11 weeks old in these photos he was over 25lbs. Yeah, huge.


Nicknames he’s acquired in the short time we’ve had him: Boonie, Boonie Mack, Boonie G, Baby Bear, Muffin, Muffin Top, Mr. Handsome, Mr. Pitter-Patter (you should hear his huge paws running through the house)

Thank you Annie Timmons Photography for these photos!

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