MARCH 11, 2019

Taking the leap to go full time was insanely scary but it’s proven to be one of my best decisions. I’ve been able to rest more while anticipating the arrival of Baby G, and it’s also given me the opportunity to branch out of my comfort zone with weddings and focus some of my time on expecting mothers and growing families.


I have a few maternity and newborn sessions lined up for the remainder of the year, but this one was extra special for me! Brittany and I met one day in kindergarten and were inseparable for most of our days before college. We went on each others family vacations, a variety of summer camps for multiple years, and we also took gymnastics together. Every weekend involved a sleepover – we were truly never apart. In face, I’m pretty sure she was at my house, waiting on me to come back inside when my husband and I shared our first kiss!


Life happened and we were suddenly living in different towns and over the years time just slipped away. We’ve seen each other here and there, like at each others weddings – where we both married guys named Kyle! Now, here we are, both having our first child within the same year! I don’t think our childhood selves would be more happy with the fact that we’re getting to spend one of the most special seasons of life together. I was so honored Brittany asked me to take her maternity & newborn photos! These were truly the best way to celebrate Spring’s arrival and the anticipated arrival of Baby Cora!

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