FEBRUARY 25, 2018

Our family will be growing by two tiny feet AGAIN this July! 


We’re so excited to share this news! Last October I had been feeling so “off.” Many of these feelings / symptoms I’d had previously when I was pregnant with Hayden. I think I knew when I was about 2 weeks, but stayed in denial until I finally took a test a week or so later. Funny enough, we were headed to a gender reveal party that same afternoon for one of our best friends!


Being pregnant in a pandemic has been.. quite the experience. Most family and friends have been told via Facetime (which we’re so thankful for!) Most appointments have consisted of me, baby, and the doctor only. Luckily Kyle’s been able to attend both ultrasounds! Trying to be extra cautious has been rough and sadly has eliminated majority of fun outings – but we’ve also tried to make the most of it and spend as much family time together while it’s just the 3 of us.


Kyle and I have spent several nights painting our extra guest room (which was BRIGHT Carolina blue!) back to a neutral shade of white. We’ve picked out a rocker and crib, but still have quite a ways to go before the nursery is ready. We’re so excited to welcome a sweet baby to our new home this summer and we are so thankful for all the love from our family and friends on this exciting adventure!


We celebrated my 30th birthday by taking these fun announcement photos! Special shoutout to Maggie Mills Photography for our photos, and The Beauty Tribe for my hair and makeup!



Q: Are you waiting to find out gender again?!
A: YES! This was the best surprise and I have never felt such joy finding out our little one was a girl on the day she was born. It surprisingly doesn’t stress me out AT ALL! .. but I’ll admit it HAS been harder to wait this time. This weekend we had some fun trying out some of the Old Wives Tales but they left us all a little confused and I’m 80% sure we did them wrong – regardless, it was still fun!


Q: How far along are you?
A: Almost 21 weeks! I felt my first kicks just after 17 weeks and it is the sweetest feeling!


Q: How are you feeling?
A: I’m finally NOT sick – which I never thought I’d get to say with this pregnancy. It’s been much harder this time.. mostly because when I was sick there was no downtime to just relax because I had / have a wild mini teenager on my hands all day! Luckily I have a couple daily medicines that keep the nausea away.


Q: Do you have any weird cravings?
A: I have just about the same cravings as I did with Hayden! My sweet tooth disappeared at first and I couldn’t drink coffee until I was about 14 weeks. Now that I’m further along, my sweet tooth has definitely returned, as well as my love for coffee! Currently living off ice cream cones.. and McDonalds fries are also still my go-to for this baby!


Q: What about weddings and sessions that are already booked?
A: I got lucky again this pregnancy – I only had ONE wedding effected, and luckily I have two amazing associate photographers who will be stepping in for me! I’ll be taking most of June – September off, minus one wedding I already had schedule mid-August.

Special thank you to Maggie Mills for our announcement photos!


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